Multipurpose HUB storage

Meet the Multi-Functional HUB Storage: Perfect for Storing Power Cords and Small Stuff


You know that rat's nest of cords behind your TV or computer? The Hub is here to help. This multi-functional storage box is perfect for storing power cords and other small stuff. Plus, it comes with a built-in cable organizer to keep your cords neat and tidy.

What Is a HUB Storage and What Does It Do?

A HUB Storage is a storage box that is designed to store power cords and small stuff. It has a large-capacity storage space that can accommodate most of the power strips. It can also accommodate a maximum of 27592mm/10.813.62inch power strips.

Benefits of Using HUB Storage

Not only is the HUB storage perfect for storing power cords, but it can also be used for storing small stuffs. It has a mobile phone slot where you can place your phone while it's charging. Additionally, you can also use it to store your watches, small pots, and air buds. It's the perfect storage for anything small and delicate. Plus, it prevents dust from building up around your electronics.

How to Safely and Cleanly Use Electricity With the HUB Storage

The HUB Storage is perfect for safely and cleanly using electricity. With multiple buried wire holes at the bottom, your wires will not be entangled. The wires can be easily arranged and the heat can be dissipated. Additionally, the double-sided buckles design offers dust-proof and dirt-proof protection, making it convenient for access to power cords and power strips.

Modular Design for Storing Power Cords and Small Stuff

The HUB Storage is perfect for placing your power cords and small stuff. With a modular design, it allows you to store your cords and other small items without having to pile them up or take up too much space.

It has two layers, the top and bottom, with four compartments in total. The cloud-shaped power storage box can store and organize up to four power cords in one box. Its anti-dust design keep all your stuff clean and organized. The power cord is accessible while staying out of sight in the box.

It's designed for anyone who needs to store and organize their cords and other small stuff, such as office workers, students, etc., so it's perfect for any room with a plug socket - offices, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms - you name it.


The idea behind the HUB storage is to make it easier for you to use and access your power cords and other small stuff. It's a simple, yet effective design that can help keep your work or home space more organized and tidy. Plus, it's a great way to prevent dust and other particles from building up and causing damage to your electronics.

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